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Les Contes de Montarène

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The Secrets of Monavis

Translator : Judith Barbouche
8.3x11.8 inches, 152 pages in colour

Paru en mars 2010

ISBN : 9782918206071

Prix public : 24,40 €


Piktor, his former gardener has promised the new owners that he will create a wonderful garden. Like a crazy scientist, he thinks that by planting strange items he’ll give beauty to the outdoor space and will multiply the number of flowers and trees.

While he is dreaming of his magnificient garden he doesn’t know that his dream will partly become reality.
Indeed, thanks to his good care, without knowing it, Piktor has given birth to 3 endearing creatures ; Mr and Mrs Ping-Pong and Kioute.

Our three heroes will discover the beauty of their surroundings and will live happily in Monavis.

Everything goes well until the day the Petitbois family suddenly decided to move from Monavis without warning.

Mr and Mrs Ping-Pong and Kioute love this family so much that they use all kinds of ingenuity to find them and settle in their new garden. Although they plan their leaving well they have no idea of the surprises that await them
They cross woods and forests, travel on a cloud and even visit the country of stars before finally arriving in their new home ; Montarene.

What secrets will unfold in this new destination ?

The Secrets of Monavis