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Halfterm Holidays (Book 3)

Translator : Judith Barbouche
4.7x6.7 inches, 84 pages in black and white

Paru en octobre 2010

ISBN : 9782918206163

Prix public : 6,10 €


The half term holidays have arrived at last! The children are thrilled ! Life is different ; some will be travelling abroad while others will be staying in Maisons-Laffitte. What will they all do with their spare time ?

Madeleine will go to Belgium to be with her family, Adnan and Mounia will fly to Morocco, whilst Cécilie and Ambre will take the road to Norway. As for Yasmine, Shania and Victor they’ll stay in Maisons-Laffitte, where surprises are waiting for them…

Halfterm Holidays (Book 3)