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The Stories of Montarene

From 6 years old

Wonderful, imaginary, unclassifiable stories ?

The stories of Montarene are beautiful tales divided into 9 chapters. They partly emerge from the author’s imagination but are also inspired by her own childhood and her life. Supported by various drawings they represent a real treasure which can be read alone or listened to in order to create special moments.

In the stories of Montarene the Petitbois family have moved into a French village chosen for its quality of life.

In each book, imaginary creatures show up with magic in the Petitbois lives and become the endearing heroes of the story.

In each book, a short dictionary helps to understand the text.

In each book, children are encouraged to use their imagination to entertain themselves and create dreams.

Family life, friendship, tolerance, dreams and love of the natural world are the main themes in the stories of Montarene.

Helping children grow

Showing the strength of family ties and developing a child’s vocabulary.

Qualities of publishing

Very useful tool for reading practice.
Large glossary at the end of the book.

The Stories of Montarene

English books

The Secrets of Monavis

Translator : Judith Barbouche
8.3x11.8 inches, 152 pages in colour

Published on March 2010

The Secrets of Monavis

French books

Les Secrets de Monavis

Auteur : Nanie Iscuit
Illustrateur : Tomoko Kitagawa
21 x 29,7 cm, 152 pages couleur

Published on October 2008

Les Secrets de Monavis